Board Chair

Paul Connolly

Director, Philanthropic Advisory Services, Bessemer Trust, San Francisco, CA

Vice President, Finance Co-Chairperson

Rekha Patel

Formerly Chief Financial Officer, Grosvenor Americas, San Francisco, CA

Treasurer and Finance Co-Chairperson

Erik Mayo

Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Terra Incognita Capital, Redwood City, CA


Berit Ashla

Vice President, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, San Francisco, CA

Member-At- Large

Diana Cohn

Executive Director, Panta Rhea Foundation, Sausalito, CA

Board of Directors

Board Member

Peter Bransten

Partner, Landau Gottfried & Berger LLP, Oakland, CA

Board Member

Jeff Chang

Executive Director, Institute for the Diversity in the Arts, Stanford University

Board Member

Amy Eliot

Principal, Dilworth Eliot Studio, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Elna Hall, Ph.D.

Director of Consulting, 3D Group, Emeryville, CA

Board Member

Meklit Hadero

Singer/Songwriter, Berkeley, CA

Board Member

Kevin King

Artist & Board Member at Arion Press, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

D.J. Kurtze

Vice President & Business Acquisition Manager, Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Jocelyn Lamm Startz

Senior Vice President of Legal & Business Affairs, Cadreon, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Laura Livoti

CEO, Common Counsel Foundation, Oakland, CA

Board Member

Sabrina Riddle

Founder & CMO, Madison Reed, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Catalina Ruiz-Healy

Founder and CEO, GradGuru & Vice President, Rappaport Family Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Paul Ryder

Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Management, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Diane Sanchez

Organization Consultant, Oakland, CA

Board Member

Vicki Shipkowitz

Executive, Technology Startups, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Meg Spriggs

Managing Director, Multi-Family Investments Group, Shorenstein Properties, LLC, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Marc Vogl

Principal, Vogl Consulting, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Vinitha Watson

Founder and Executive Director, Zoo Labs, Oakland, CA

Board Member

Karen Wickre

Editorial Strategist, KVOX Media

Board Member

Zak Williams

Director of Business Development, Condé Nast, San Francisco, CA

Board Member

Johann Zimmern

WW Group Manager, Education, Adobe, San Francisco, CA



Helen Sause

Former Deputy Executive Director, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, Alameda, CA